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Are you still keeping the car that has become non-usable as a result of an accident?

You can avail the accident car removal facility offered by BABA Car Removal.

When your car is irreparably damaged, don’t spend more money on that. Even if you keep it idle in your garage you will be taxed for it.

Hence, your best option is to sell the junk car and get it removed from your garage. We at BABA Car Removal  arrange to remove the scrap car from your premises and also will pay you the best price for your car.

We make our own arrangements to tow the car and bring the same to our garage without charging you anything for removing the car.

Your car may be either very old or completely damaged in an accident. However, as a scrap, it has a value even in this condition.

We pay you the price for your car and remove them from your garage without any legal issues. All our transactions are 100% legal and we provide the best attention and service to all our customers.

Hassle Free Car Removals In Melbourne

We arrange to pick up scrap cars and cars that are ruined in accidents from any location in Melbourne. BABA Car Removal has the experience and expertise of a few years in dealing with scrap cars, unused cars, cars got destroyed in accidents, etc. Our customers can peacefully relax once they have informed us about their junk cars.

Customers can contact us over the phone or fill up the online format for a free quotation online.

By selling your scrap car to BABA Car Removal, you are getting a much better price for your non-usable car. Moreover, you will get an immediate cash payment for your junk car. Our junk car removal team will remove the car from your premises only after making the cash payment for your car. You need not pay anything for removal of the scrap car from your garage and once the car is removed you are able to recover the space occupied by the car for some other purpose. By way of selling the damaged car, you get a portion of the money required to buy a new car for you. Removal of the junk car without incurring any expenses will be a great relief for you. Moreover, no car dealer will pay a better price for your car than what we offer. 

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