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Car removal through If you’ve recently damaged or wrecked your car, it can be difficult to re-claim the money you’ve invested in the vehicle. Damaged vehicles that are sold for scrap metal often cost you the towing fee in order to re-claim any of the money that the car is worth, and most of the time the money that you receive for the vehicle isn’t much help at all in getting a new car.

In order to get the most for your wrecked or damaged vehicle, the experts at BABA Car Removal are willing to give you top dollar for your scrap vehicle, and BABA Car Removal doubles as a towing service, which offers you free towing on your vehicle.

It has never been easier to claim the money you deserve for your wrecked vehicle than it is now, so don’t waste time looking for a potential buyer that won’t give you top dollar for your vehicle, and call the professionals at BABA Car Removal!About BABA Car Removal

BABA Car Removal is located in Melbourne, Australia and offers free towing for the purchased vehicle for most of the major Brisbane areas. Utilizing the BABA Car Removal service allows you to clear up the space taken by your damaged vehicle, without all the extra hassle that trying to find a buyer brings.

By utilizing the BABA Car Removal service, not only are you getting top dollar for your vehicle (with some of our customers getting up to $6,500 in return for their scrap vehicle,) but the service saves you the money and hassle of using a towing service.

We offer free quotes for your damaged vehicle, so there is no worry about spending money by simply giving us a call. Our friendly staff are open most business hours to answer your questions or potential concerns.Services Offered

  • Top dollar for your vehicle
  • Free quotes on the value of your vehicle
  • Free vehicle removal
  • Fast removal for Melbourne, Sunshine, Werribee and Rosebud.

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To contact BABA Car Removal, simply pick up the phone and dial 0409 145 434 today, and receive your free quote. Our friendly, professional staff is ready to answer any questions or potential concerns that you may have, so don’t wait to get rid of your old vehicle. Instead, call us today and receive cash on the spot for your damaged vehicle, with free towing!Ph: 0409 145 434 / 0409 145 434