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Old Car Removals

Our Award Winning Service – Cash for Cars removal perfect for removing your scrap, unwanted, old & damaged cars! Prices start from $100 – $11,000

Cash for Vans, Utes & 4WD

Get Instant Cash for your Vans, Utes, 4WD & SUVs in working order or not! Prices start from $550 – $11,500! The better the condition the more money offered!

Cash for Trucks Melbourne

We offer top cash rates for trucks that are damaged, old or unwanted! We Pay $11,000 cash for Hino, Isuzu, Volvo, Mitsubishi and Nissan Trucks!

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When looking to sell your used vehicle, BABA Car Removal is willing to offer you cash for your old or used vehicle.

Often times when you’re looking for a buyer, months can be spent with no interest in your old clunker, but BABA Car Removal Melbourne is here to offer you cash on the spot for your used vehicles!

About Us- Baba Car Removals Melbourne

BABA Car Removal is a specialized scrap car removal company located in Melbourne that gives you cash for your old vehicles.

We are ready to pay up to $11,000 dollars for your old clunker, and we remove the car at no cost to you.

This means that you can get instant cash in your pocket, simply by getting rid of the eyesore collecting dust in your backyard.

BABA Car Removal also offers a full range of car wreckers, car removal and towing services for Melbourne and most parts of Victoria.

Where Does BABA Car Removal Operate?

BABA Car Removal is located in Melbourne and currently services all areas in the metro area, making it quick and hassle-free to have your clunker removed from your property.

Free Junk Car Removals Melbourne

What Car Removals Services Do We Offer?

BABA Car Removal provides the following services:

Why Should I Use BABA Car Removals in Melbourne?

When looking to sell your car for scrap, it often takes months to find a buyer, and requires you to move the car yourself. With BABA Car Removal’s service, this is no longer an issue. Since we provide cash up front for your car and remove it from the premises ourselves, the hassle of the process is completely removed for the seller, and the headache of trying to find a buyer is completely taken away. For those in the Melbourne areas there is no better way to dispose of your old clunker than by hiring the professionals at BABA Car Removal. Receiving instant cash while removing an eyesore from your property or premises is the perfect way to clean up your yard and dispose of your damage or unused vehicle, while still making a profit! We Pay Cash For Cars in Brisbane & Instant Cash for Cars.

What are the Benefits of Selling Your Car with Us?

  • We offer some of the highest prices paid for your cars
  • Our auto wreckers in Melbourne take care of all the paperwork, making your car selling process easy
  • Our experts of car removal in Melbourne tow your vehicle for free by removing all the hassles from your end
  • You will receive a no-charge, no-obligation quote from our experienced Melbourne carwreckers
  • Your unwanted vehicle will no longer be a non-productive asset of your property
  • You will get your cash on the spot for a car that you have not used for a long time
  • No matter the make or model of your car, we will buy it from you
  • The condition of your car is not an issue, whether is it in poor or best working condition, we will purchase it
  • Our wreckers have a systematic approach of recycling vehicles in an eco-friendly way
  • Our efficient team of car wreckers remove and recycle fluids and hazardous materials
  • We use the remaining metal to create new steel products
  • Over the years, we have recycled a lot of vehicles and helped communities to keep them out of landfills

How Does the Cash for Cars Process Work?

  • Step 1: Give us a Call or Fill out Our Contact Form

Our staff are all set to start a safe and secured process of selling your old, used, new or damaged cars. It starts with you giving us a direct call or simply by filling up the form by giving us a little information about your car.

  • Step 2: Share a Little Information

The next step involves a communication between you and our car wreckers. Here, we will be asking you a few questions like: What’s the make? What’s the model? How is the condition? This is done in order to give you the best quote possible for your car. The more information we receive, the more accurate quote is given.

  • Step 3: Get an Instant Quote

As soon as we gather all the related information we need for the process of scrap car removal, we will provide you a quote right there. You can further decide if you would want to accept the offer or not. It is totally risk-free and there are no obligations to accept our offer. If you want cash for your car, call us at that very moment.

  • Step 4: Schedule a Pick-up

If you agree with us on the offer, the next thing is to pick a date and time that is most convenient for you. We will come accordingly for the pick-up. Also, we will verify the details and finalize the sale, right there. After all, we believe in prompt service – simple, safe and fast.

  • Step 5: Get Paid

This is the last step, but the best one as you must have been waiting for some permanent solution of your old car. And above all, what can be better than you get paid for it? After we sort through all the details quickly, you’ll be paid as decided, then and there.

Our Car Removal Service is Just a Call Away!

Our expert team of damaged car removal in Dandenong is ready to cater you with the best cash for car service. Get an instant quote from our team today by contacting us at 0409 145 434 or 0409 145 434.

On-Spot Instant Cash for Old, Unwanted and Broken Cars

Baba Car Removals Melbourne is a professional service provider. We offer on-spot instant cash for broken and old cars that may be sitting in your garage or driveway unwantedly. Our quick cash for car removal service in Melbourne is available for all types, year of release and models of cars. No need to stick to your old and broken car anymore in or near the Melbourne region. Swap it with handsome amount of cash instantly with our leading junk car removals Melbourne service.

Turn Your Junk Car in Fast Cash Now

Got an old scraper collecting dust and rust in the backyard around Melbourne? You can now turn it into quick and instant cash with Baba Car Removals Melbourne. Our quick scrap car removals service is simple and benefitting for all residents that have been hanging on to their old broken cars and vehicles. Recycle your old non-functional or new accidental broken cars with Melbourne cash for cars service you can trust. We turn up at your location in Melbourne quickly and offer up to 11,000 dollars for that old junk car on the spot.

We Accept All Models, Shapes and Sizes of Cars

Confused about whether or not you can get instant cash for car removal in Melbourne? Stress on it no more. Baba Car Removals Melbourne now accepts all cars from any makes and models in any sizes or shapes for quick cash payouts. Our junk car removals Melbourne service is available for:

  • All makes of cars including Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Honda, Chrysler, Suzuki or any others
  • All models of any car brands from any year of manufacture and release with no limitations at all
  • Cars, SUVs, salons, hatchbacks, small cars, big cars and all other shapes or sizes of cars accepted
  • No condition requirements as well, scrap car removals for all broken, old and wasted cars
  • Literally all makes, models, shapes, sizes and conditions of cars accepted for quick instant cash

Doorstep Junk Car Removals Melbourne Available

Baba Car Removals Melbourne doesn’t require you to transport your old non-functional car anywhere. Whether your car is drivable or not, we will collect it from your doorstep in or around Melbourne offering your instant cash for it in return. No more you have to pay expensive towing fees and need to go through any troublesome broken car moving processes. We reach your doorstep and tow your old car away once cash is paid for it. Our modern tow trucks and professional members make sure to leave your driveway or garage clean and tidy after we are done with our service.

FAQ about Baba Car Removals Melbourne

Q: Can I get quick cash for my old rusted car in Melbourne?

A: Yes, of course. Baba Car Removals Melbourne offers quick cash for all old and rusted unwanted cars in or around the city.

Q: Can I get cash for broken non-working cars in Melbourne?

A: Yes. Baba Car Removals Melbourne now offers fast cash for all broken and non-working cars that may not be operational anymore.

Q: Can I get quick cash for accidental written-off cars in Melbourne?

A: Yes. Baba Car Removals Melbourne offers instant cash for all accidental damaged and broken cars in or around the city.

Q: Do I need to pay any hidden charges on scrap car removals service in Melbourne?

A: No. Baba Car Removals offers a transparent junk car removals Melbourne service that offers instant cash with no hidden charges applied at all.

Q: Are there any make or model requirements for accepted cars with the service?

A: No. There is no make or model limitation for our quick cash for car removal Melbourne service. Baba Car Removals accepts any car from any make, model or year of release for instant cash.

Q: How much is my old junk car worth?

A: Most of it will be evaluated by our team of experts when they reach your car in Melbourne. Any old, junk, broken or damage car can bring up to 11,000 AUD in return.

Q: Do I get instant cash for my old scrap car in Melbourne?

A: Yes. After an evaluation is made for your old scrap car, Baba Car Removals Melbourne offers instant cash deal for it. You will get on-spot cash from our experts.

Q: Do I need to bring my car anywhere to get quick cash for it?

A: No. Baba Car Removals Melbourne offers doorstep instant cash for all old, broken or damaged cars in the city. Call us and our experts will do all for you. We tow your old cars away once cash is paid to you.